Meet our team

Curious about the faces behind Cumapol? Get to know our team and contact us directly!

Marco Brons Technical Director More about Marco
Arjen van Kempen Financial Director More about Arjen
Eddy Bruinsma
Eddy Bruinsma Technical Manager
Marco Kleine Deters
Marco Kleine Deters Plant Manager
Corné Moes
Corné Moes Process Engineer
Operator Team Cumapol Emmen
Operator Team Cumapol Emmen Operators
Josse Kunst
Josse Kunst Director Chemical Recycling
Coba Windt
Coba Windt Logistics
Asha  Pogosova
Asha Pogosova Customer Service
Willemiek Stander
Willemiek Stander Business Controller
Hannelies Walda
Hannelies Walda Administration & HR
Elsa Wanders
Elsa Wanders Communication
Auke Walda
Auke Walda Information Management
Niels Hoffard R&D Manager More about Niels
Tijs Geerlings
Tijs Geerlings Quality Assurance