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Cumapol offers different services in polyester upgrading: Regranulation, Compounding, Crystallization and Solid State Polymerization for a wide range of virgin and recycled polyesters. Flexibility in combination with the cost efficiency of continuous processes and high level of automation is key within Cumapol. With this attitude we serve our customers who are looking for efficient processing of their raw materials into valuable polyester grades.

In 2013, we started with the recycling of post-consumer bottles, back into a bottle grade suitable for direct food contact and the development of special grades based on recycled materials. Nowadays, 50% of our capacity is occupied with the upgrading of recycled PET and 50% with virgin specialties with experience in PET, Copolyesters, PBT, PEF, etc.

With the start of the mechanical recycling we made the first step in sustainability but we have many plans to improve, please check our website or contact us for any questions.

Why doing Business with us?

  • Flexible Continuous Production Lines
  • Customized Solutions
  • Many years of experience in operating the production lines
  • Cost efficient
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Virgin PET quality mind set
  • Personal Contact and close Cooperation with our Customers

Explore the Services we provide

To be able to produce for you the optimal product within your specifications we provide the following services:

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